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Studio Visit

Setting up a Studio Visit

It is often difficult to feel the full warmth and impact of a work of art through the intervening pixels.  It can also add subtly but immeasurably to the experience of collecting art to have met some of the artists whose work you value.
For this reason, I am pleased to regularly open my home studio to collectors.  My wife (who works at the Boston Design Center) and I live in a beautiful old house, just four doors from the Atlantic Ocean in Lynn, Massachusetts, on Boston's North Shore.  There is of course no charge for the visit, and while here, you can see the place where I work, catch sight of a painting or two in process, and explore the collection in its entirety. 

Setting up such a visit doesn't create any sense of obligation -- I take great pleasure in meeting other people who value art.  And the vista of the open ocean at the foot of our street is worth the drive, even if taken just out of a kind of wayfarer's curiosity.  


Please simply call ahead -- or complete the simple form below -- and we will find a time that works for both of us.  

Thank you....
(508) 308-4067